In just 12 weeks, Chime Media can deliver a comprehensive, holistic view of your content library along with tools to increase asset utilization, capitalize on new revenue opportunities, increase responsiveness to market driven needs, and drive better business decisions in catalog management.

Media Industry Transformation

Over the past decade with the advent of smart devices, consumers have become the driving force behind the transformation of the media industry from a ‘content’ centric to a ‘consumer’ centric model. To satisfy the sophisticated delivery now required, media companies must build a complete, accurate and comprehensive inventory of their media repositories, metadata and transactional data—in essence creating a Global Content Catalog for their enterprise.

Challenges Facing the Media Industry:

  • Increased Consumer Demand for Content
  • Explosion of Volume of Content and Related Information
  • Need to Unlock the Full Value of Archives
  • Speed of Market Demand
  • Increased Storage Costs

Chime Media Provides the Solutions in Just 12 Weeks

Our Clients Gain:

  • A single trusted view of media assets and related information
  • Complete, accurate and comprehensive inventory of media repositories, metadata and transactional-data
  • Higher utilization of content
  • The maximization of revenue from existing content
  • The ability to find and utilize content to satisfy consumer demand
  • Insights and flexibility to respond to market conditions and trends
  • Analysis of content inventory, utilization, rights and distribution for capitalization of content revenue streams

We promise:

  • Speed (only 12 weeks to complete)
  • Ease (complexity to simplicity)
  • Power (unleashing the full value of your catalog)

And we do it all with:

  • Fixed fee
  • Fixed time
  • Guaranteed results