Chime’s Media Supply Chain Optimization, through master data management & analytics for media, creates an enterprise wide unique ID for each asset to provide a single, trusted view of a global content catalog. Metadata is cleansed and normalized. Then our sophisticated analytics provide insights—financial, inventory, and historical—to help you make better business decisions to maximize the value of your library.

Chime Media Provides
Industry Specific Applications

Serving every business unit in the Media & Entertainment industry

  • Library
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Finance

Business Challenges Solved:

  • Ability to fully monetize content (98% of most media libraries are fallow)
  • Ability to create a living, global content catalog, unified across the enterprise
  • Seamless alignment of disparate data sources, assets and all related materials
  • Effective analysis of markets and the content demand for each market
  • Finding ANY asset at any time
  • Ability to create new dynamic collections and sub catalogs / offerings for added revenue streams and deeper market share
  • Need for speed to unlock the assets in just 12 weeks!

Key Benefits:

  • Single, trusted view of all your assets
  • Non-disruptive to current systems
  • Increased montetization and utilization of content
  • Single transactional data store for catalog and catalog performance