In just 12 weeks, Chime Media’s unique methodology, behavioral models and applications, specifically developed for the media & entertainment industry, enable media companies to create a single, trusted source for their assets and related information to drive their businesses in today’s rapidly changing and competitive marketplace.

Chime's Unique Solution

Chime Media’s product and services offer solutions that integrate and consolidate data from disparate source systems and assign a unique identifier to each asset. Together with our built-in analytics for immediate and improved insights, media companies can now achieve a comprehensive and holistic view of their content libraries, enabling higher utilization of assets and greater responsiveness to market needs.

Unlock Revenue

Unleash the value of your content catalog in just 12 weeks! Until now, more than 98% of media content has been rendered unavailable because of inventory and rights management barriers. Let us show you how to bring speed, ease and power to unlock your revenue today!