Distribution & Revenue Optimization

Chime analyzes the market potential vs. assets available for distribution and provides insights to drive higher, more effective utilization of properties. We examine revenue and profitability of assets in distribution and identify those that may be potential areas of loss.

Answers the Questions:

  • What assets do I have for domestic & international distribution?
  • What is the revenue potential vs. actual revenue?
  • What is the market potential vs. distribution availability?
  • Which markets are underperforming or are underserved?
  • What type of content should be produced to satisfy the markets?
  • Am I effectively distributing my assets to maximize market share and revenue streams?

Business Challenges Solved:

  • Ability to analyze market potential vs. assets available for distribution
  • Greater visibility of distribution effectiveness and profitability.
  • Identifying underperforming markets and opportunities for new content
  • Increasing speed to market and revenue potential